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Software development goes beyond just writing code in HTML, JavaScript, and other front-end technologies. This is the art of achieving the desired business goals with creative solutions that involve attractive design and integration features. Working with professional web developers in the UK, you should expect a question about your business goals and challenges as major web developers strive to turn your custom development investment into an economic fit for you and your organization Tools. The ongoing evolution of web technologies has provided incredible functionality to developers in the UK and around the world, bringing the craziest ideas to life and delivering everything from promotional sites to complex applications that integrate databases. So do not hesitate to share your business goals and challenges as professional developers are ready to help you achieve your goals and overcome any problems with a bespoke solution.

Web Developers - Who are they?

Before hiring an IT specialist for your business needs, make sure you are looking for the right IT company. Web developers are computer programmers who focus on developing and maintaining websites, applications, and services that run the Internet. Its capacity is not limited to creating websites but also to a wide range of business and technology areas, including web applications. Web developer responsibilities in the UK and in any other country include application specification documents, code and architecture building, database integration and other functions, collaboration with web designers and content managers, testing, debugging, and other related digital solutions. That's why a qualified web programmer usually has a wide range of expertise and can use the large arsenal of technology features.

What should be done by web developers?

Web developers in the UK generally have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology or other branches of computer science. But the industry is very open to those who want to learn, which is why so many talented programmers even go without a degree. The Internet is filled with educational materials for additional certification such as certified internet webmasters, certified website developers, advanced website developers and other professionals. In addition, the qualifications of the specialists depend on their priorities. As a result, web designers, who work primarily with UI design and graphics, can have an artistic and communication background, while programmers and coders will focus on technical topics. However, be it web design or programming, due to the changing nature of the information technology industry, only regular certifications guarantee the ability of IT professionals. Just committed to ongoing professional training, developers can provide first-class solutions to meet their most demanding requirements.

Double-sided process

Web development is a multi-layered process. One project can only require client-side scripting, while another project may have a complex architecture that requires the participation of various industry representatives from software development in various areas of expertise. However, hiring depends on the specific requirements of the project. There are two main directions in web development, front-end and back-end, let's clarify what that term is and what is best for you.

Front end

The term "front end" means two components: web design and home page development. In other words, it is a visual part of the software solution that interacts with the user. The front end means working with client technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, iQuery (a JavaScript build library). These technologies are responsible for what people see online. These technologies help you systematize and organize your content the way you want, making it visually appealing and interactive so you can respond to user behavior. Web designers create unique designs through programs like Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator, while front-end developers write code that makes them true. This is a skill you need to create a simple website that usually has rich information and promotional features like drop-down menus, transitions, sliders, buttons, contact forms, and more.


Back-end to make the site more functional. Includes work with servers, applications, and databases. If the external interaction between the user and the site is front-end, the internal processing on the server is back-end. Every time you need to store and manage information entered by users, you need to contact the backend developer. With backend programming, web solutions can get the additional utilities needed for server-side workloads. This solution interacts directly with the database to pull, save, and change data. Back-end components and front-end collaboration, reflecting results. In other words, user interaction with form completion, profile creation, and other operations is displayed on the front but on the back. That's why if you want your site to act as a utility and allow users to use your data, you may need to participate in a backend developer's development project. Backend developers often have access to PHP, Ruby, Python, and their frameworks, including technologies such as Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and more. Find backend specialists and look for people who have this technical know-how.

Do I need an internal developer?

Start developing your own business software solution and you will have many options to keep track of your business activities. One of them is hiring an internal expert. But before that, make sure you really need this if this is an economic decision. Let's take a look at the key strengths and weaknesses of attracting a full time IT professional.


If you have a large project that can last for many years, such as a comprehensive architecture and optimization of your enterprise IT infrastructure, or if you specialize in web services, an internal programmer or a team of software and network engineers is the only option. But in other cases, it should be carefully considered. Let's see the objective situation, which benefits the internal developers:

  • Accessibility and control. Having a UK developer in the office ensures that you can easily get in touch with him / her without any difficulty, such as culture, time zone or anything else. Seamless communication leads to absolute control of the software development process.
  • Ability to save existing resources. By outsourcing the project to our UK web developers, you could save an expenditures of several specialists, as you are implementing the payment only for the limited time of the designers and developers, getting the qualified team, ready to implement your task instead of hire full time specialists.
  • Property. Working with a third-party developer in a US-based company or any international company, you need to designate people with all intellectual property and decide if developers should be allowed to publish all the company's data in their portfolio. These problems do not occur if you use an internal team builder. You are the only one who owns the source code.


Recruiting in-house experts can be a burden on you and your organization for short-term projects like sites that may not be your core competency or unique player development:

  • Expertise. Web development is a complex process that requires a full set of skills and extensive experience. Do not just hire a specialist for the development of projects. You can not embrace all existing technologies. But even if he or she is able to front-end, back-end, design and test, you will be a very expensive expert, and even if you find someone and are ready to hire you, you will need a lot to get the result. While knowledge sharing covers every aspect of development team development can deliver results in a timely manner. Keep in mind that your project may not only require HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 features, but also PHP, ASP.NET
  • Framework, C #, Angular.js, AJAX and others. If you want to have a great interface design, you need people who are proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and other design tools.
  • Cost. As Web development requires a team of experts, you need to provide them with a workspace and the equipment they need. In addition to this factor, overall internal development also includes regular salaries and benefits. The average salary for this job in the UK is about £ 70,000-9,000 per year, or £ 40-50 per hour. The location of the UK is not important. However, the cost of developing an internal website can be more expensive than outsourcing because if you pay regularly, instead of on a regular basis, you are just doing the work.
  • Management. Someone needs to manage IT department work. If you have enough time to do this and have an IT plan to control the quality of the resulting results, this will not be a problem.

But almost none of the directors have extra time. In another case, you will need to hire a qualified specialist and get a higher salary. Finding the experts you need for your project will cost a considerable amount, give them an understanding of your company's needs and bring them together.

Outsourcing Development Team

Hire our UK based site development company and delegate your IT project to a dedicated team with mature development skills and streamlined delivery capabilities. We'll take any concerns related to the code and provide the results for your comments. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your market and business needs, and must recognize the customer needs and provide effective tools to satisfy your business demands. We give your users and staff the experience they are looking for, be it design, server integration or anything else. For our UK IT companies, there is no cultural or verbal misunderstanding as this may be related to the outsourcing of overseas specialists. Do not hesitate to call us to share the concept of your application or website, receive innovative ideas and get our experience to make them real.