Comprehensive Software Development for Companies in the UK

We offer a full set of comprehensive services in the UK, from software prototyping to production, and everything in between.

Our services

Whether you're a small business with big ideas or a large company that does not have specific skills and resources, we help you improve performance, productivity and revenue. Our product portfolio includes software development, application/structure integration, code reviews of the third party programs and creation of the integrated systems for the enterprise workflow automation.


Android, iOS, Windows, HTML5, Hybrid software development services


Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft .Net, open source, internet and laptop programs


Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Rackspace - Organize cloud support

Design Strategy

After deepening into your industry, business, strengths and demanding situations, we can work with you to elaborate the best strategy for your company. The perfect answer can be a single app, or it can be integrated software in harmony with many complex parts.

UI / UX Design

Once we know what problems are needed to be solved, the next step is to make sure that everyone.

  • Will continue to use the software
  • Recommend it to co-workers

Within the company, we have assembled a team of design professionals whose goal is to provide a wide range of projects to ensure that their solutions are progressive, intuitive and attractive.

Architecture layout

Once you have a good understanding of how users interact with the product, we can make use of technical specifications for software development. At UK headquarters, we work with all members of your team to ensure that every viable use case is considered when planning the technical layout of the application.


This is the development process. Once the strategy has been finalized, the user interface and technical structure are designed. Our company carried out software development.

QA and test

Full examination is an important element of efficient launch. The harder it is to push the software into the test, the more likely it is to catch any system error or error before game time. We do not wait for development to close and verify that each function is the most active to determine if there is a problem with each step.


We provide development assistance and code reviews to ensure that products receive the buy-in and adoption they deserve, with ongoing support to help companies continually improve their current solutions.

Company Profile
World-class corporate software engineering
Join us to create innovation
Software Building
Development System
Technical expertise

Our team represents one of the best well-known corporate software development companies in the US, specializing in custom software development, cloud computing, Microsoft technology solutions, networks and mobile products. We help companies in the UK and around the world improve business performance, increase productivity, and increase revenue. We provide a full range of economical services, from prototypes to development and beyond.

Founded in 2010, we have created and developed more than 100 portals in Microsoft Azure, Sharepoint, asp.Net, and 150 software products within Android, iOS,Windows and different cross-platform frameworks.

A complete set of IT products and solutions provides a powerful force for leading brands in some parts of the UK. The products and technology solutions of our software program provide scalable and sustainable results. In short, all your network, mobility and cloud needs can be met with services and packages to meet your business goals.

Choosing a companion for a software development project in the UK can make your company a fan. Working with an IT company that validates a technology partnership in the web, mobile, and cloud development process is a smart move to build a name on the market and get the right rewards.

Our application developers from the UK in the agile and new technology technology development arms technology can rebuild your company and bring huge advantages.

Application Development Skills:

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Software development for mobile, web and cloud
  • Quality assurance
  • Management services
  • Business Integration

Every member of our UK team understands that your essentials are important and that our strategy is designed exclusively to meet your needs.

With our company-centric software strategy, our company ensures confident performance. Before we develop our products, we get a view of our customers' expectations and business expectations, which allows us to offer the best service to companies and companies in various vertical industries.

Together with the application testing team, the software development team has powerful technologies such as HTML5, .NET, Java, and other powerful technologies to ensure product delivery over time and perfect overall performance.

Our UK company has developed expertise in agile processes involving engagement, planning, evaluation and management of customer threats to effectively and successfully complete the application compilation process.

Here at UK headquarters, programmers practice scrum techniques called loops or sprint iterations. Scrum sprint can be 1 or 2 weeks or even 30 days. This way, our team can separate tasks at the same time. Sprint cycles allow teams to focus on short-term desires and provide customers with an empirical design perspective. This ensures timely and efficient delivery and uncompromising quality.

  • Scripting: KnockoutJS, GruntJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, jQuery, JavaScript
  • Languages: Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP,HTML5, CSS, C #, .Net, Python, Framework7
  • Structure UI: basic structure, grid layout, boot frame, pure CSS
  • Databases:SQLite, MySQL, Azure SQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MS SQL,
  • Content Management: WordPress, Microsoft SharePoint, Sitecore,
  • Project Management: JIRA
  • Method: Agile - Scrum, Waterfall,
  • Social integration: Twitter API, Instagram API, Facebook API, YouTube API
  • Source Control: Bitbucket, GitHub, TFS,
  • Authentication and Authorization: JSON Web Token Authorization, Live ID Authentication, AD Azure Authentication
  • Tools: Selenium, XCode, Android Studio,Code Ignorer
  • ASP.NET, MVC, MVVM, MVP, .NET Core, ADO.NET,Entity Framework, Domain Driven Design, Dependency Injection, TDD, MS Test
  • Platform: Microsoft Azure, WordPress, Magento,Amazon Web Services, PrestaShop, Rackspace, Joomla, + Sitecore,Xamarin, Google Cardboard, PhoneGap, Nest, Cordova

Client Communication Management

Our company uses powerful client communications management tools such as Basecamp, Jira and more. Customers can access project information and regularly update plans in progress. Communication with customers ensures end-to-end commitment control, delivering on-time delivery and successful missions beyond consumer expectations.

Commercial and technical cooperation

In the UK, we address the six key elements of business engagement:

  • IT Governance
  • Manage investment in technology
  • Workers involved
  • Method and plan
  • Take management
  • Structure of the organization

To learn more about our development achievements, view portfolios or focus on customer feedback.

Network Solution

Want to rebuild and redesign your business? Perhaps this is your strategy for dealing with statistics or the way you develop relationships with customers. Or, maybe this is the device you use to run your business, or it can be a sales flow for growth.

If other companies indicate that you can not compete

They are wrong because whenever you find a chance, you can think of us by your side, by your side, in the UK, to turn it into truth. As? Our UK team builds database-based applications for about 8 years. All of this will allow you to reap the best ideas you have sown.

Special network area
  • Strategy and implementation are linked to specific business and business objectives
  • Advanced engineering system for client and server software packages
  • Designed to meet scaling requirements, it has a multi-server load balancing configuration, software as a service implementation (SaaS), and cloud computing
  • Custom network and structure integration
  • Fully managed web hosting, as a continuous service
  • Layout and database engineering in SQL Server and MySQL
  • Integration of personalized information and EDI feeds


  • Warehousing / Logistics
  • Training and education
  • Financial services
  • Food / hospitality service
  • Retailer / Wholesaler
  • Health care
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Real Estate Management
  • Telecommunications

Get ready to help your business thrive.

  • Workflow Automation
  • Service Request Management
  • E-commerce / e-orders
  • Field service automation
  • Storage of data management services
  • Route Management
  • Audit and quality assurance inspection
  • Learning management system
  • Content Management

Mobile software

Our company in the UK can put your customers, people and signs where you never dreamed.

By changing your perspective, our IT team will show you the power of world-class mobile tools and a unique user experience. This number of things may never have been seen or completed before. Soon, your business and customers do not want to live without it.

For more than a decade, we have developed revolutionary mobile solutions that include custom mobile transactions, applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, and mobile apps that include a web-based backend for automation and statistical reporting. We offer comprehensive custom mobile solutions: planning and strategy, user experience design, software development and all the support you need.

Layout and development flexibility

Extensive experience using native platform technologies with Java, Objective-C, C ++ / C #, and HTML5.

Comprehensive design capabilities and the ability to work with current marketing and innovation teams.

  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Windows Mobile
  • Responsive/Adaptive web design and mobile commerce
  • Mobile Information System
  • Enterprise Network and Mobile Integration

System Integration Experience

The UK team has broad experience integrating with many third-party services to create B2B or B2C e-commerce sites, custom web or mobile apps. Such integrations include EDI, standard Web services, simple data sharing, and real-time messaging. Below is the list of solutions our Software Development Company hasv successfully implemented so far.

E-commerce platform
  • Amazon Central
  • EBay Business Integration Platform
  • M2E through eBay (Magento for eBay)
  • Lotte
  • New egg
  • Commercial Credit Card Service
  • Paypal Payment Pro
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • Chase Paymentech
Accounting / POS System
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Quickbooks
  • Wise
  • Peach Tree
  • AS400 / POS custom system
  • CRM system
  • Intelliworks
  • SalesForce.comh5 ERP
  • Bongo International
  • Made by Amazon
  • Embedded ERP through Boost My Shop
  • Netsuite extends through Celigo
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Pitney Bowes
E-mail marketing
  • Email chimpanzee
  • Constant contact
  • Exact objective
  • Google remarketing
  • AdRoll
  • Linkconnector
  • Exchanges of the Commission
  • Google Analytics
  • Loyalty
  • Coremetrics Corporation

The integration of the system is more than just connecting something, but go away. It's about asking the right questions, establishing the right relationship, setting the right desire, and knowing how to do it the best way, contact us now.