A Glimpse of Our Work

(A daily planning application for creating and scheduling events)

The project idea was to design a simple but functional app that would let people create their events and form the schedule, while integrated social media functionality make it possible to invite friends and share with them event details. With almost no efforts, users can plan events, organise their time, and stay in the loop. The registration is simplified and streamlined due to the ability to log in via Facebook or LinkedIn. The app menu consists of an activity feed, customised calendar, a tab of user-created events, list of friends, and settings where users can also set Notification to remind about important meetings and events.

Exciting night
(A city application for exploring the nightlife of the largest American cities)

In cooperation with American web-portal, our development team has created an exciting user mobile experience with a stylish iPhone application for young people who can’t wait to explore the nightlife of the largest American cities. The app provides plenty of places and promotions to cater those people who use the app on the go willing to be in the centre of the action. With the Google Maps API, we facilitate geo-location in the service and help users to find the nearest places, while categorised search enable users to specify their preferences.

(A pizza delivery application)

A chain of pizzerias was looking for a way to stand out from the competitors as pizza got really popular and a lot of pizzerias appeared in the recent years. So our client approached us to create a mobile application that would enhance pizzeria and its customer relationships. The application provides a menu with picturesque illustrations and lists of ingredients for each pizza. Besides, users can create their own pizza with the ingredients they prefer and make an order. The app will provide confirmation text noting an approximate delivery time. Users can also save delivery location and favourite pizzas to speed up the ordering.

(A medicine application for finding a relevant medicinal product)

A licensed pharmacist approached our development team to engage with his customers via a mobile presence. We developed a simple but very informative mobile application with an intuitive and intelligible user interface. The app aim is to help its users to discover proper over-the-counter products. To find a medicine users should select their age category, determine symptoms, and select a retailer. Our developers integrated a database of symptoms and products and admin panel for the pharmacist to make regular updates. Besides, users can ‘share’ the products they found the most effective in their cases.

Stay Calm
(A meditation application)

A startup entrepreneur bore in his mind an idea of a meditation application that can help users to relax and take their time to rest from the chaotic world. The app provides several types of meditation for every part of your day including while travelling, taking a work break, before going to sleep and others. The user can find 50+ custom guided meditation podcasts with breathing techniques and timers. Besides, users can follow their progress with stats that reflect user’s personal progress.