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Development is a fast-growing industry, full of innovative ideas and progressive ideas. Recent reports show that the global number of smartphone users has reached 4.6 billion, mobile apps store total revenue of 51 billion dollars. There are several types of mobile software directions on the market: games, productivity-tracking, business tools, online stores and so on. Software can help traveling, find remedies for illness, help find employees, optimize business processes, and more.

The importance of mobile presence


Mobile technology is developing rapidly. Our talented development team is always focused on the latest trends. In recent years, iOS and Android among the developers had a fierce competition. So if you want to stand out from thousands of mobile developers, you should have a rich experience in design, software engineering and programming. Our development company has a solid track record in all of these disciplines in the mobile development industry and therefore designs excellent products for any complexity.


Specialists in mobile development


Since the IT department was quite young - the term appeared 60 years ago - iPhone software developers have generally started building their first application in a relatively short time. For example, there is a 17-year-old British teenager who created a Summly news app, which was acquired by Yahoo for $ 30 million. Other aspiring mobile designers started making mobile games early in high school. There are many professional and respected developers in the UK who have learned their own craft because it is an important portfolio rather than a diploma and certificate. In choosing future team members, we always test them in real life because we need to understand how they work. Therefore, we can ensure that all experts have demonstrated a high level of skill and professionalism.


Team cooperation


Such a successful and self-made designer can easily explain the modern digital world with many opportunities for self-education. You can find basics on the Internet through video tutorials, tutorials, forums, blogs and more. Our development company always assigns a more experienced developer to oversee the junior programmer's work to help them integrate into the team and learn from the development process until they achieve the perfect result. The members of our development company work together on agile principles, which is the primary method of developing applications for employees.


First-class digital products


Our talented and ambitious developers always follow perfection. In addition, my company has adopted the development strategy to ensure its high quality results. Therefore, we can ensure the best engineers and quality assurance experts are there to develop first-class solutions. Our main goal is to serve customers and develop something they would like.


Commercial development


Our development company is made up of astute business people and has a lot of talent. They hold a university degree in technical science and a wide range of project portfolios. If you want a technologically advanced product with a friendly design, our development company is the best choice. We have many mobile device development projects on the AppStore and Google Play first, which has lots of comments from fan users.

How to design a mobile application without coding skills
How to obtain a developer license
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App development process
Custom software creation
Software optimization

If you do not want to invest a lot of time and resources to recruit professional development company, then even without any coding technology, create a bespoke software. The modern app builder offers enough standard features to create a simple app with minimal effort. However, you need a developer license to publish these items in the App Store. First, you only need a desktop with a stable Internet connection. Some Photoshop tips and free tools will be helpful. Some blogs on this topic are good practice - app builders, development companies, designers - add them to RSS feed. And see posts everyday. As a result, you will be able to understand terminology and IT concepts and follow the latest trends.

You also need a device to test the software - install a mobile operating system emulator on your computer, or use the iOS or Android smartphone depending on the platform. Your choice. However, in the case of iOS apps, register the Apple Developer Program. If you have difficulties obtaining a license, our development company can help obtain a license. We'll also help launch an app to the App Store, Google Play Market, or any other mobile application market.

Out-of-the-box products can only provide limited functionality, so if you want a premium app that allows customers to add value to business, go to professional software development services. Our mobile development company focuses on minimal detail and delivers quality products that perfectly meet business goals.

Express your thoughts, we do the rest - plan, test, code, design, prepare documentation and track progress. Unlike many other developers in the UK, we have established close communication channels with customers to understand their business as much as possible and provide an app that fully meets their requirements. We offer the user's favorite work solutions. This is a mutually beneficial partnership that adds value to business and proves great reputation.

Over the years we have gained a deep understanding of the market and learned many strategies to drive the growth of the business. Our developers have solid experience for success - many of the apps our development company has built have received international recognition for millions of downloads worldwide. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime - get the answer to any question, consult best strategy, optimize existing website or phone app, and design first-class custom software for business.

If you have an existing IT business solution that does not deliver tangible results, trained specialists from our development company will find ways to increase productivity. We will follow the latest trends to optimize and conduct market research to deliver the best growth and advertising strategies. Any professional entrepreneur will tell that first-class products are the best investment for business. What makes high-performing apps? It is friendly, fun, has an intuitive design. Last, but not least, it brings income. Plus, it delivers a seamless user experience with no flaws or burrs. Let's ensure that not only does your mobile application have all these advantages, but the site is the same.

Why is mobile presence crucial for businesses?

We can optimize your mobile site or develop mobile apps based on website design. Mobile presence is critical because modern people spend most of their time online using smartphones and mobile devices, as statistics show. In the leading app store, there are about 5 million smartphone apps available, mobile app should be great and creative to cover the user and reach the peak.

Evaluation of mobile app costs

Prior to the project, we:

  • Discuss with the customer all future product details to eliminate any misunderstanding or administrative problems.
  • Estimate the cost of each individual project.
  • Never sell anything you do not need and set fair prices and flexibility for the solutions we develop for mobile apps.
  • Look at legal issues, such as creating mobile intellectual property licenses and additional elements (such as icons or logos).

App development management issues

Project documents are also crucial because some insignificant cheap development companies can trick customers on signing the document on unfavorable terms. For example, when making sure that you can not renegotiate the contract date is not uncommon. Then you will have to endure unfavorable conditions for years. Before confirmation, we discuss terms and conditions with company representatives. Over the years, we have developed a simplified approach to project management. Be sure - cooperating with us will bring no problems.

Developer and development company

People might think, "There are so many freelancers who offer cheap services through the Internet job market and why recruit more expensive developers." The answer is obvious: they will never provide the level of security that guaranteed by our development company. It is not just developing an app, it is finding a solution that is good for business. We work with clients to establish long-term partnerships, work together and succeed. The main motivation is to prove good reputation. We will never stop satisfying results - our talented UK application designers always strive for excellence. The goal is to provide products that fully meet your needs and add value to your company.

App store optimization

We will never drop your case after submitting your app and clearly understand that the success of any project depends not only on its quality, but also on user accessibility. That's why it is necessary to provide ongoing post-launch support for our products, including app store optimization. One of the main aspects of App store optimization is the description, which should contain the correct keywords, just like any other type of SEO live.

How to rate highest in the App Store

We will help to write a compelling description that allows potential users to find it easily. From the launch date, this strategy will increase the growth of the application. We can ensure your product will be at the top of the search results in our category. If you do not want the app to be overlooked, visibility is very important. Even getting into the top 50 results is a good start because it means that the product is more obvious than the millions of other apps. This is just one of many ways to attract the attention of users to your product.

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