How to Make an App

Do you have a great idea for the next killer app but have no idea how to make an app or how to market an app correctly? I found myself in that same position, not so long ago.

I was endlessly searching the web for how to create an app and was getting overwhelmed and discouraged by the vast amount of programming knowledge that seemed to be required to learn how to make an app.

I just wanted to hand the app development process off to someone else. But I soon learned that if you are going to be working with app programmers, you better know and understand how to make an app yourself. I speak from experience when I say that most programmers are great, but there are some programmers out there who take advantage of you if you don’t understand programming.

Even if you are an expert programmer and app creator, if you don’t know how to market and sell your app correctly all your hard work could go nowhere. It may not amount to nothing, but why not get the most out of it you can by getting it onto the most iPhones and iPads as possible? That’s the point, after all. My own apple dev was in danger of never seeing the light of day.

Fortunately, I stumbled across an apple developer program which brought my non-existent app programming skills up to speed in just 3 weeks, and taught me not only what type of apps catch on and become best sellers, but how to make an app quickly and cost effectively.

Perhaps more importantly, it taught me the art of marketing apps and selling apps like the Pros. It was created by someone who went and personally interviewed the Pros to find out the secrets of how they consistently get their apps in the top 200, and turn their apps into cash generating machines which make thousands of dollars a day, whether a paid app or a free app.

AppDevSecrets is an online iphone development tutorial on how to develop iPhone apps and use the iOS Developer Program to earn really good money selling those apps. I highly recommend it.

The course is designed to be four weeks-long and the whole thing takes place online, which makes it easy to follow and highly interactive. The first three weeks focus on programming, including learning how to use the most important free app development software, and the final week teaches you killer app marketing techniques.

And the best part is that it has a 30 day trial so you can learn everything you need to know for just $1.

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If you’re like me, you’ll recognize the value of the site and pay the additional one-time fee of $98 at the end of the 30 day trial to have this indispensable resource as a reference. It’s updated constantly and has been a great help with my transition to iOS 6.
AppDevSecrets is a solid step-by-step course which delivers.

What does it cover?

The first week provides a good overview of the iOS dev industry, including: a look at the size of the market, the different kinds of apps that developers create, examples of different approaches to take when developing and selling apps, and how to calculate a budget. Those who know how to develop apps but have not been successful selling them will also benefit from this information since it teaches you how to analyze the market correctly. It also teaches you how to open an Apple developer account in the apple dev center and get your own apple developer login. The Apple Developer Program, is the only must outside cost. It’s $99/year and you must join it in order to sell apps in the Apple App Store.

The second and third weeks focus on how to build an app. I learned how to use Cocos 2d, Adobe Flash, Xcode, and iWebKit, all important software for creating an app. The course made it really easy to learn programming and I was surprised at how quickly I learned how to make an app. I actually created and tested an app on my computer by the end of the third week.

I have a PC by the way, not a Mac, and I do all my iphone development on windows. You don’t need to go out and buy an expensive Mac computer in order to make mobile phone apps, i.e. to create iPhone app, or iPad apps for that matter. You’ll just need an iPhone or iPad simulator, which you can download for free.

The fourth week gets into the meat of marketing an app. This material is great for any app developer, no matter their skill level. Let’s face it, most of us who come up with great ideas for apps are either techies or creative types. And that’s OK, not everyone has a great mind for business, but most of the time that’s what makes the difference between success and failure when selling an app. You don’t have to be a business genius, however, if you’ve taped into the minds of the best app sellers in the business, which is what this course has done. Get it Now!

I learned a tremendous amount about how to create an app but I think the most important was that an app doesn’t necessarily need to be technologically sophisticated to sell well, as long as the idea is good and it’s marketed well.

Who is it for?

It is perfect for business-minded novice app developers, with limited or even no programming skills. Because it will bring your programming skills up to speed quickly with hands on examples and laser targeted exercises which give you the essential skills you need without all the confusing extra stuff you don’t need. You will learn how to develop iphone apps quickly and cost effectively.

It is also useful for the expert programmer. It shows you how to analyze the market, identify a need, and market and sell your app properly. You see the greatest returns form all your hard work, and your app gets on the greatest number of iPhones and iPads so users can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Who is it not for?

If you’re an iOS dev expert with full mastery of the development software mentioned above, and you’re only interested in learning how to use other development software, this course may not be for you. The course has a strong business focus, so if you’re not interested in the business end of app development then you probably won’t find that much of the material exciting.


  • Well-Organized: The course is neatly divided into four weeks of material and it follows a logical progression. This progression is great because it really made me feel like I was making progress as I completed each lesson. This really built my confidence and motivated me to continue.
  • Good Content: The information is to the point, focusing on the app creator software necessary for creating good apps and the marketing strategies that will help you sell the apps you’ve created. I felt like I was getting insider information that I couldn’t find anywhere else (believe me, I’d tried). Personally, I think the marketing part of the course is priceless. There’re also a handful of video tutorials that make it easy to learn how to make an app.
  • Low Price: $1 30 Day Trial and an additional One-Time payment of $98 if you want lifetime access after that. It’s hard to find a better price for a product that gives so much high-quality material.


  • iPhone/ iPad Knowledge Helps: It’s easier to learn how to create an iPhone app if you own or know how to use an iPhone or iPad. The course assumes that you have some basic knowledge of this, but it does do a good job of hand-holding for those with only basic knowledge of how apps on these devices work. It also provides app testing software for people who don’t own an iPhone or iPad to test apps on.
  • It Only Teaches The Essentials: The iPhone development tutorial teaches you the essentials of how to create an app. But it won’t make you an expert in all the programming languages that go into app development. If you want to become an expert in these languages you will probably want to get some additional courses in the specific programming languages you want to learn. But if you want to get started now and develop your first app in just a few weeks, consider starting with this program and developing your knowledge from there. Who knows, that first app could finance the rest of your programming education.

Overall, App Dev Secrets is a good program for learning how to make an app. It might even be better for learning how to sell apps. Because it covers all aspects of being successful in the iOS dev business, it’s a great learning tool for both beginner and advanced programmers.

At just $99, the price is right too. The best way to register is to Click Here.

I started with the trial and even though I finished the course within 30 days, I paid the remaining $98 so that I could keep going back to it as a resource. I’m glad I did because it continues to be of great help to me as I build my app business.

So if you’re still unsure if the course is right for you, sign up for the 30 day trial for just $1.

Sorry if I’ve gone on and on here, it’s just that this course really did help me, and I remember how frustrated I was with the whole thing before I found it. If you’re feeling the same way I did, do yourself a favor and check it out.