Business Applications: The Smartphone Way to Manage Businesses

Smartphones are a plenty nowadays. The huge influx of applications has only fuelled the race for smartphones. These applications are differentiated into numerous categories. Some people use the smartphone strictly for basic apps like Facebook and Twitter. Others use the smartphone for productivity and business. Having said that, business applications and controlling businesses through a smartphone is a domain that is untapped and awaits the right kind of mining. Business apps have come a long way from the days of the income tax calculator. Now they have the ability to do business on your behalf, give you tips on how to approach a particular scenarios. Although it is still far away from making entrepreneurs, business applications can normally help the businessman inside you, be your business of a small scale or large. Some of the best applications for managing businesses are:

  1. Concur: This app is a fan favourite as it helps in tracking your expenses, be it daily or weekly, so you can manage your bank balance without compromise.
  2. Expensify: Another app like Concur, it makes scanning of receipts easy and hassle free, and groups them accordingly, calculating the expenses for the day. All of this is fuelled by a clean and interesting UI design.
  3. Evernote: This is a note taking application, and you can take down notes, customize your lists, be it grocery shopping or things to do, Evernote has got you covered. You can also take pictures and write on them as a reminder.
  4. Jira: This is a software tracking tool made by Atlassian.
  5. Trello: This is another business app for organizing things in a way that enables you to find things that you wouldn’t normally find when you are in a hurry.
  6. LinkedIn: The Facebook for employers and employees. Although the website and its services have been around for a while, the application that came was reviewed to be unpolished. This time the new iteration of the LinkedIn app comes in all the bells and whistles people wanted it to come in.
  7. Slack: Slack is a messaging app for teams. It allows for workforces to communicate with each other and discuss events, ideas and meetings, share documents, all in one place.
  8. Tableau: This app incorporates businesses with cloud analytics to give you a full guidance into recognizing business patterns, by examining data streams.
  9. DocuSign: DocuSign is an application made for businesses for authenticating, sending and approving documents and contracts without third party intervention.
  10. Pingdom: For the web crawler, Pingdom is the app to track a website’s downtime and uptime.
  11. Lucidchart: This business app is for those people who love representing ideas, statistics and documents in the form of a chart. The app provides a platform for effortless flow chart creation and management for business purposes.
  12. ServiceNow: ServiceNow is another app that makes tracking of businesses a breeze. It helps companies to automate workflow and manage it at the same time.

There are a lot of business applications in the making. It is only natural that businesses would learn and grow with the help of such applciations. Having a business only got easier to manage and maintain.