iPhone App Development Cost: We Offer Effective Solutions for Businesses

iPhone App Development Cost: We Offer Effective Solutions for Businesses

Our app development agency has been building and delivering brilliant iOS solutions since our foundation in 2010. Today we are one of the top-tier companies specialised in iPhone app development. But before you decide to realise your app idea you will naturally wish to establish a project budget. As experts who face this task on a daily basis, let us help you to estimate your iPhone app development cost.

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How much does it cost to develop an iPhone app?

For years we were engaged in iOS app creation, our team has developed over 200 apps gaining priceless experience and knowledge on how to provide amazing apps within our customer’s budget. Based on our previous projects we can say that the price of qualitative mobile application may vary from £20,000 to £600,000 and higher. Such a huge difference in price is possible due to numerous variables starting from apps functionality to the cost of labour. So before you start looking for programmers, you should identify your priorities.

Do you want your software to be:

  • Qualitative;
  • Low-budget;
  • Or you want it to go to market as soon as possible?

You can combine two of this attribute but never all of them together. If you meet a firm that promises to create a high-qualitative inexpensive software solution very quickly you should stay away from such firm, keep in mind that such promises are a red flag. You run a huge risk to waste your money and time.

Who? What? How?
It is hardly possible to estimate your iPhone app cost without consultancy with expert developers, but we can help you to determine an approximate project budget and identify the most suitable options for you based on your preferences and capabilities. You should ask yourself and find an answer to three main questions:
  • Who will develop your iPhone application?
  • What application do you want to build?
  • And how you want your app to be created?
Let’s look into each of this question and find the optimal way to make your iPhone application.
What iOS developers to hire?
One of the key factors that influence your project budget is a choice of a team who you entrust to make your ideas come true. IT industry is one of the most fast-evolving, besides, IT products are highly in demand, that is why the market is full of different offers in this sphere and has a variety of possible options:
DIY app builders
Freelance developers
In-house development team
Established development companies (onshore and offshore)
What type of application do you want to build?
What software development methods you want to adhere to?
Today you can find numerous online services, such as Appy Pie , that will let you make an app without any coding skills. This option lets you build a cheap iOS app within half an hour. But don’t wait for a good quality of the end product. App makers provide limited functionality and customisation, so your software won’t be able to provide great user experience neither it will be able truly to empower its users. Only in case if you need a simple app to represent your brand in the mobile world for about $50 per month it will be okay for you. The worst thing about such app creators is that bugs are inevitable and you don’t have any guarantee that it will actually work on all the devices you need. Reducing development cost using such platforms can have a dramatic impact on your company reputation.
Another option is to apply to such websites as upwork.com looking for professional app designers and developers working as a freelancer. If you will be lucky to find a proven expert you have good chances to achieve the same quality as if you worked with an agency and it will probably be less expensive. But at the time the development process will take twice or thrice as long. The time of development isn’t the only risk you run resorting to freelancers. A successful team that can provide you full-cycle development should consist at least of:
  • A iOS designer who create a visual content;
  • A programmer with knowledge of Swift, Objective-C, Xcode and other Apple’s tools for software creation;
  • A product manager who control the development process and connect development team and you.

It is also better to have a QA-experts who will be able to test your end product performance and security. Approaching freelancers you yourself become a project manager and have to coordinate the efforts of your developers and designers investing a lot of your time. In most cases, your freelance employees even haven’t worked together before what may cause numerous misunderstanding and miscommunication challenges. You also have to have a clear idea of what app you want or you will have to hire additional IT consultant to verify your idea. Finally, the practice shows that it is a very unreliable option as you have no guarantees that your project won’t be left in the middle of the development, delivered on time and you won’t have any unforeseen costs. Overall cost, time and your efforts investment will exceed your expectations.

Instead of hiring separate freelancers and trying to connect them together and get your end-product having minimum control over the situation you can create your own IT department which will be responsible for your company software development and maintenance. To be realistic, we should admit that this option will be effective only for large enterprises which provide some Internet services or work via Internet because it costs way more than hiring an outsourced company in long-term prospects. First, of all it is a time-consuming process to hire a full team of iPhone development experts, to create a department and to team them up.

Secondly, your cost will include:

  • Annual salaries;
  • Benefits;
  • Equipment and tools;
  • Working space rent;
  • Regular training;
  • And finally, highly-paid specialists who will be in charge of this new department.

If you have one project to be done and then these team won’t be needed, it will be a waste of your time, money, and energy.

One more option is to outsource software company which specialises in iOS development for iPhones and iPads.

The advantages of hiring fully fledged team are obvious:

  • They are experienced experts in this area;
  • Your development costs will be narrowed to the task accomplishment, no benefits, no extra expenses for equipment, space, and training - you pay just for work performed;
  • Collaborating with a reputable company you reduce your overall risks and get certain guarantees provided in the contract;
  • You get a project manager who helps you to validate your project idea, represents your interests in the company, and regularly reports on the results keeping you informed;
  • You can build a long-term business relationships and approach them every time you need their technical support without annual salaries;
  • Your chances of project success are much higher than in other cases.

If you decide to approach professional iPhone app development firm, you will have a choice between onshore and offshore hiring. Thus, living in the UK, you can hire a London-based company (onshore) or outsource offshore, for example, in India. Of course, the offshoring will be much cheaper, but your risks will rise due to the difference in mindset, numerous inevitable misunderstanding and lack of communication. When it comes to software development, most often the cost directly influences the quality, that is why cheap software solution will cost you much more in long-term prospects.

App complexity, architecture and integrated features are the factors that vary development costs from £5,000 to millions of pounds. When you approach iOS programmers, you should keep in mind a brief idea of what functionality should be incorporated in your iPhone software. Many companies provide their app calculators that help to determine an approximate cost of the project with a set of features you select. Such calculators are very rough because they can’t consider all the nuances of the software creation. For example, features compatibility, the devices peculiarity including screen sizes and resolutions and OS special aspects. Unless you talk to company representative you won’t be able to determine project budget for sure because each iPhone app design agency has its own rates, but we can tell you approximate budget frames for different types of iPhone apps:
  • Simple app with table functionality can be estimated as £5,000 - £10,000 project;
  • Native app with Database integration which has an entirely different level of complexity and can vary from £20,000 to £40,000;
  • Bespoke apps with complex custom functionality and personalisation can cost £30,000 - £300,000 and even more.

As research companies such as Clutch state, average app development costs reach £140,000.

There exist two proven development methodologies which software engineers keep to building new iPhone or any other application - Waterfall and Agile. The first one, implies clear documentation process, careful and detailed planning, up-front budget determination. While agile methods such as Scrum provide flexible and iterative development where the stress is put on working program not documentation. Waterfall development allows you to know exactly what your will receive in the end and how much it will cost, the drawback of this methods is a lack of flexibility and impossibility to make changes in the project throughout the development. While agile process gives you freedom to implement new features and remove those you don’t need throughout all the time of app creation. It allows adjusting the product for your feedback. The costs, in this case, are undefined. Usually, programmers deliver results every two weeks, and you determine a budget for each operation that should be made within these two weeks. So the final cost stays unknown until the final results are delivered.
How to make your iPhone app cost-effective

It isn’t an easy task to say how much your iPhone software will cost because of numerous aspects of software development process. Bespoke app development requires custom costs that depend on your needs. Our average cost of bespoke iPhone MVP starts with £20,000 - £30,000 due to the implementation of the latest innovations and proven development methods. And we can ensure that your iPhone app will become a cost-effective investment of your time and money. The impact of software on business is huge, and we can help you to benefit from it to the full extent. We create stunning iPhone designs and know how to provide your customers with a great user experience that bring and retain new and loyal customers increasing your profit. Besides, our business analysts can build a monetization strategy for you which may include installation cost and customer acquisition cost, in-app purchases and all together generate you a high ROI.